Alibaba shares success tips in entertainment for 2020

As 2020 sets in, comedian Alibaba has taken to Instagram to share tips on success in the entertainment sector in Nigeria.

The comedian started the year with the hosting of his annual comedy show, January 1st, at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos, on January 1.

On his lists, which he photographed and posted on his Instagram account, are words like talents, funding, event planners, multinationals, movie producers, right owners, media outfits, advert agencies, weather forecasts, venue rentals, and corporate affairs.

He went on to write: “These are some of the factors that will shape entertainment in 2020.

“These factors will drive other allied factors.

“Maybe I should do an instalive broadcast to even expatiate on them. But just reading them you will know the role and value they add to every sector of entertainment.

“One of the these factors may be more important than some, but when you harness some of them and culture it to your plan and goal, you will make it.”

He then finished the tips by saying he just might be available for a live Instagram session to elucidate more on the issues raised.

“If I dont have a meeting by 3 pm maybe we can go instalive… just maybe.”

The post had been getting positive feedbacks from commenters